The joy of eating.

This Girl stared plaintively at her fellow Lady Chums, stomach gently growling, as the conversation turned to how many tapas plates would be sensible between the 4 of them. “4 should be fine”, they crow, “we can just have a little bit of each! I’m not really that hungry anyway…”.

Four? Sorry, four? Four tapas plates between 4 adult Lady Chums constituting their actual main dinner for the day? So to be clear that’s 1/2  a croquetas de jambon, a couple of Gordal olives, a teaspoonful of roasted butternut squash with goats cheese and to top it off a whisper of patas bravas each? (We may or may not have been at Bravas on Cotham Hill, stop reading this and go immediately. Order the chorizo in cider. Thank me later).

Well Bristol, NOT IN MY NAME! For This Girl, This Girl right here, she eats.

Food is, in my humble opinion, the best. Who doesn’t swoon over a rich and velvety venison stew? Who doesn’t salivate in expectation as you watch a perfectly pink rack of lamb being carved?  Whose glasses don’t steam up in delight at the sight of heaving bowl of ramen noodles (that one might just be me).

Good food for me is about more that eating, it’s emotion, it’s memories and it’s important.

Luckily This Girl and Mr This Girl live in one of the most exciting cities for food in the UK, Bristol.

So Bristol, prepare yourself because This Girl is hungry and she’s not afraid to say it.

P.S – In case anyone is concerned, it’s OK… the Lady Chums ordered more tapas and we all lived to tell the tale.

P.P.S – The picture is the kind of breakfast Mr This Girl prepares on occasion. He eats too.


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