Right, so a little apology to start… obviously in my last post I may have mentioned the sunshine a little. OK, a lot. Mentioning sunshine in the UK is basically the modern-day equivalent of doing a rain dance; throw a bank holiday weekend into the mix and grey skies are pretty much guaranteed… sorry Bristol.

However, determined not to let the gloomy weather get me down and after enduring a week of increasingly sad Boots meal day salad lunches, it was time to venture a little further afield.

Thursdays are important foodie days in Bristol as The Harbourside Market hosts ‘Street Food Thursdays’, a pop up food festival with resident Market DJ between 12- 3pm every week during the summer.  If you haven’t been to one yet you absolutely should, it’s Bristol independent food scene at its absolute best.



Street Food Thursdays at the Harbourside Market. Grey skies courtesy of This Girl Eats…

There’s a rotating array of food on offer as well giving you the chance to eat your way around most of the world – Prato Feito (rump steak strips with onions, pepper and melted cheese) from Brazil courtesy of Tia Julia, handmade Japanese gyoza from the wonderful Eatchu, homemade Italian sausages from (you’ve guessed it) The Italian Sausage – it’s difficult to know where to start! There’s also the absolutely wonderful Good Food and Co providing exciting and delicious gluten free options, I can highly recommend the goat curry.

However, on this particular grey Thursday I needed something a little extra special… and that’s exactly what I got from Low ‘n’ Slow Bristol.

Low ‘n’ Slow Bristol is a pop up smokehouse, taking pride in their homemade sauces and locally sourced produce. On this particular Thursday, there was 12 hour pulled pork and/or beef brisket on offer, either served in a roll or in a salad box. I’m a total sucker for pulled pork so it was an easy choice for me but being the health conscious little thing that I am I obviously went for the salad box, I’m not a total monster.


I was served with a pleasantly hefty amount of pork (locally sourced in Bristol from independent suppliers, of course) and the cooking process was explained a little more. Coated in a spice mix of paprika, garlic, onion, black pepper, brown sugar – and many other ingredients that I didn’t write down quickly enough – the meat is then smoked over apple wood for at least 12 hours. After a dollop of slaw, a helping of leafy salad, a sprinkling of pickles and a squeeze of BBQ sauce, I was ready to go.


I mean… just look at it. Isn’t it lovely?

The meat was beautifully soft and flavourful, pulling apart easily with the spice mix coming through well without being overpowering. The homemade BBQ sauce was sensational – I find they can often be too sweet and cloying but this was tangy and vibrant and went really nicely with the pork. The slaw was creamy while still retaining the right amount of crunch, sloppy slaw is the worst. These guys take their BBQ seriously and their passion for the food they serve is evident.

Toddling away, I felt pleasantly full and fairly substantially meat drunk.  What more can you ask for from a Thursday lunchtime?


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