Sometimes the perfect night is an event.

It starts sitting in a large velvet armchair at The Bristol Harbour Hotel’s Gold Bar, ludicrous cocktail in hand. My ludicrous cocktail of choice at this particular bar incidentally is a ‘Mr Pink’  – Pama Pomegranate, Pinkster Gin, Martini Bianco, Cranberry, Orange and Plum Bitter. Heaven! A tiny silver platter of posh popcorn will be served alongside and whilst sipping the ludicrous cocktail of choice you’ll have an opportunity to put the world to rights and ponder how much better everything would be if only you were in charge, starting with free cocktail Friday (#VoteTGE).

Mr Pink

Mr Pink

Afterwards you’ll move on for a long and involved dinner at a newly opened Bristol hot spot, ideally with a tasting menu.  Everything will be seasonal and locally sourced, there will be a flavour combination you weren’t expecting to work but delights you and there will be definitely be some kind of herb in an ice cream, which you pretend to like but actually would prefer just vanilla (Basil ice cream is a crime, A CRIME!). The wine will have been thoughtfully chosen to complement each dish, the origins are important, the price isn’t.

But sometimes, in fact actually quite often, the perfect night is one spent on a squashy sofa with leftovers. The menu is whatever you didn’t eat yesterday, the wine is whatever was on special offer in Sainsburys (by the way sometimes The Ned Sauvignon Blanc is on offer for about £7 down from £10-£11. You’re welcome).

This particular perfect night is a most definitely a leftover night. After a busy week I’ve got the house to myself, pyjamas on and Netflix has a fresh new season of Orange Is The New Black ready to binge on. The weekend stretches ahead and I have absolutely no intention of cooking (I did that before Luckily for me Mr TGE made a huge pot of chili con carne last night and there’s a hefty bowlful left just waiting…

Mr TGE  has an interesting history with chili as  it took about a year of us living together for him to realise one of the key ingredients was, in fact, chili powder. No really, after many delicious bowls of essentially Bolognese with kidney beans, I gently ventured that perhaps a little more heat could be included next time…? A prolonged blank stare, stutters of denial and some recipe googling later and we were all happily agreed that chili powder does actually belong in chili. Halcyon days.

After that initial stumbling block though he makes the chili to end all chili. It’s packed with spice, garlic and peppers in a thick rich sauce.  And, as with all the best leftovers,  it tastes even better the day after cooking.

So here’s to leftover nights, squashy sofas and affordable wine – the saviour of the busy week!




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