The nights are drawing in, the leaves are turning red and there’s a definite nip in the air – that’s right, autumn is well and truly here. Well I for one say thank the bleedin’ lord for that! Awful, horrid, sticky, sweaty, uncomfortable summer is over and we can all put away those off the shoulder tops that were in fashion this year (which constantly threatened an escaped boob at any given moment) and embrace the knit wear, hurrah!

It was on a particularly autumnal night that I trotted along to the opening of Mrs Potts Chocolate House, replacing ‘The Teabirds’ at the bottom of Park Street in Bristol. Inspired by the chocolate houses of the 17th century (which was apparently a thing), Mrs Potts is a family run operation offering a range of chocolate based goodies (made in house) with an emphasis on premium ingredients. With flicking candles dotting each table, sugar in the air and the promise of enough chocolate to thrill your inner 5 year old,  I felt sufficiently cosy as I snuggled down and awaited the sugar rush.

Now, I’m nothing if not thorough, so I tried pretty much everything….


Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven, and the right amount of chewy were wonderful, a lighter start to the chocolate fest. Next came the lemon meringue slices which proved a huge hit with everyone on the table – zesty and fresh they were little flavour bombs. Chocolate and hazelnut slices were up next which were achingly rich and gooey, they would be perfect with a cup of tea on a rainy day.



Next came the chocolate mousse dome, covered in a sleek shining chocolate coating. The mousse was light but still packed a chocolate punch. There were also flecks of something – biscuit? – throughout which was unexpected but really worked to add a different texture.


Taking a slight break from the chocolate I tried a (still warm from the oven) madeline. Soft and moist it was buttery and delicious and the perfect dipping partner to my white hot chocolate chai cocoa. After that brief aside, I was ready to take on the showstoppers – the fondue followed by a brownie.

My. God. Why did fondue ever stop being a thing? It should absolutely still be a thing because this was just heaven on a plate. Presented with pools of dark and milk chocolate accompanied by a stack of marshmallows and strawberries, I knew I was in my happy place. The chocolate was warm and smooth, I particularly enjoyed the dark with the strawberries. The marshmallows didn’t seem to be overly popular with the others at my table but I loved them, light and fluffy but with a slightly crunchy topping. It was as I was cramming the last chocolate soaked marshmallow into my mouth that a very sweet member of staff chose to tell me about the wash station they have by the till – “for use of customers or staff if they need to wash some of the chocolate off…”. I nodded with all the dignity you can when you know you’re dripping chocolate and unable to speak due to an enthusiasm for marshmallows. Still, a place that expects its customers to need a quick wash down after a visit is  my kind of place, there’s no judgement there.


Slightly delirious with sugar I rounded my night off with a brownie slice. I am a total sucker for a decent brownie and luckily for me, I wasn’t disappointed. Packed with nuts, chewy on the outside and gooey in the centre, this was a brownie to be reckoned with.

So would I go back? Absolutely. Sharing a fondue with friends or just popping in for a hot chocolate on a chilly evening seems to me like a very lovely way to spend your autumn. As a cherry on the top I would suggest to The Potts that they invest in some squashy (and probably wipe clean) armchairs; that would make the perfect nook where you could read a book with a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

Mrs Potts Chocolate House is now open and full opening hours can be found HERE

Please note: this experience was received free of charge but this didn’t impact my opinion and I was under no obligation to write a positive review. No review is shared with the venue before publication.




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