Swoon In The Sunshine

That’s right everyone, the sun is finally shining in Bristol and after a winter that was starting to feel increasingly like a weather forecast from a Game of Thrones episode, spring has definitely sprung.

You can also tell it’s spring as magazines have started to shriek at women to PREPARE THEIR BIKINI BODIES!! I’m feeling pretty #SmugFace about this, I’ve actually already prepared mine. I’ve double checked and have found that I do in fact have a body and indeed a bikini, so as far as I can see I’m ready! Hurrah! To celebrate being so organised I headed off to Swoon on a sunny Friday lunchtime to reward myself…

Swoon is a Gelato Bar located just opposite College Green at the bottom of Park Street, serving up a wide selection of gelato, sorbets, “swoondaes” and sweet treats. They also recently teamed up with Foozie Bristol for a gelato cocktail night which sounds like the stuff dreams are made of. Obviously tickets sold out but if they ever do another one I don’t care what else I’m meant to be doing, I’m bloody well going.

Bustling busy when I arrived, I had a little time in the queue to consider what flavour to choose – and boy is there choice! Tempted by the dark chocolate sorbetti, amarena cherry cheesecake and the salted caramel I eventually settled on one of their April guest flavours, jaffa cake.  At £2.75 for a single scoop, Swoon is certainly not cheap but my goodness is it worth it!

Swoon 4

Glistening jewels of orange jelly and substantial chunks of cake base were swirled through a rich milk chocolate gelato resulting in a heavenly mix of pure jaffa cake flavour. The gelato itself was smooth and creamy and packed a  powerful chocolate punch, even a single scoop proved to be a substantial and satisfying portion. Chocolate and orange is always a classic combination and both flavours came through distinctly in this.

swoon 3

As I sat at the little table and chairs outside the shop, enjoying watching the world go by and gently stuffing as much gelato into my face as is polite/allowed in public, I noticed an angry woman staring at me. Ah, not me, the gelato…

“What”, she demanded, “is THAT?”

“It’s a jaffa cake gel-“

“I NEED one” interrupts Angry Lady and moments later she’s back, gelato in hand and looking substantially less angry.  Congratulations to Swoon, making the world a happier place, one gelato at a time.

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